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I got alot of rules to go throught so PAY ATTETION!!

The first and main rule is do not get mad at the owner of this website if she does something wrong , k... Now moving on, The way this rpg is going to work is there is going to be three clubs, and then in the message board they train in their cartoons type (because salior moon can't go Kamehaha and blow up someone) Then im going to make it so if different types of charaters have a fair fight againest each other. The chatroom is for tourments the message board is for training. Then there is the leader stuff, there can only be one main leader and thats me of course... then there is a leader of the Dragon Ball Z club and a leader of the Gundam Wing Club and a Leader of the salior moon club then there is Co-leaders the leaders trusted friends but the leaders need to e mail me to ask for changes then i will put them up. i really don't want to give my pass to everyone..k.. Thats about it for the main rules... Oh yeah there is going to be rules for the Dbz, GW,and SM im going to make them as fair as possible so it is fair when your fighting againest another type of cartoon...

It would really be kewl if you people would help with the rules! PLEASE!