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Salior Moon Club

Leader: Unknown

This is the S.moon club which is kinda all girl club but in the other ones girls can join... You can be Furture Salior Moon ,Chibi Salior Moon , Presant Salior Moon, but there can't be 2 of the same salior moons at once...each person her is a salior scout or a evil person like from the negavirse or from the heart scntahers... we also alow made up saliors or bad people... this club is also different from the others i don't tell you what you have you have what your salior scout has or whoever you want to be if you need help just leave the moves when you join blank and i'll get it for you (but don't be lazy) you can also have a motorcycle or a evil demon destroyer gift you can put that on a special ability when you join... So i hope you understand..

Email me if ya want to be the leader!