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About Dragon Ball Z!

I'll tell ya about dbz and give you lots of pictures too!

all the ss sayians

^ These are all the Super Sayians see if you can figure out which person is who!

If your wondering "what the heck is dragon ball z?" you have come to the right place. Well, and whole thing is mainly about Goku, he is a sayian (sayians are people with powers and weird hair.They also have tails that can turn them into huge apes when they look into the full moon)anyway Goku was sent to earth as a baby to destroy the planet earth but was found by Son Gohan (Son Gohan renamed Kakarot , Goku*duh*) When the young sayian was in his first years he was a little monster but hit his head and forgot the mission and turned into the kind trusting Goku we know today (or at least most people know today) Goku marries Chi- Chi, and has two sons Gohan and Goten. Gohan is the first son he was counted stronger than his father. Then there is Goten who i don't know much about but he could turn Super sayian at age 7 and he is also the best friend of Vegeta's son Trunks who also is a sayian just like his father, Vegeta. Personaly Vegeta is my favorite charater, at least to draw. Vegeta was an elite first class sayian sent to earth to collect the dragonballs and wish for immortality but he had to fight Goku and lost,and he forgot about finding the dragonballs and tried destroying earth, but Goku defeated him once again and let him go back to freeza and then because Vegeta killed alot of the good guys Gohan and Goku's friend Krillin and a computer wiz Bulma went to namek to find the dragon balls to wish their friends back but they run into Vegeta again and a really powerful alien dude(Freeza). Goku couldn't go because he was seriously hurt when fighting with Vegeta, but he got better and fly to namek to help everyone. (im going to stop writing because i want to see it you can tell by the pictures!!) Thats all im saying *for now*

allchar. vegeta.jpeg

Goku/ Kakarot : Organization / Z Fighter
Age throught series/ 1 year old- ???
Ethnic origin / Sayian
Place of origin / The Planet Vegeta Height throught series/ 3ft-6ft
Weight / ???
Eye color / Black/ when Super Sayian/Green
Hair color / Black/When Super Sayian/ Platinum gold
Moves / Kamehaha, Ki Blast, Telporting at the speed of light,Super Sayian-Jin level 1, Super Sayian-Jin level 2,Super Sayian-Jin level 3,Super Sayian-Jin level 4

allchar. vegeta.jpeg

Vegeta: Organization / Z Fighters
Age / 27-???
Ethnic origin / Sayian Place of origin / The Planet Vegeta
Height / 4ft-5ft
Weight / ???
Eye color / Black/ When Super Sayian/ Green Hair color / Dark Brown/When Super Sayian/Platinum gold
Moves/ Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, Galick Ho, Telaport, Super Sayain-Jin level 1,Super Sayain-Jin level 2, Super Sayain-Jin level 3, Super Sayain-Jin level 4

allchar. vegeta.jpeg


Organization / Z Fighter
Age / ???
Ethnic origin / Namek
Place of origin / The planet Namek
Height / ???
Weight / ???
Eye color / Black
Hair color / bald
Moves/ Laser Beam, Masuko, telaport,ect ect

Alright I Give Up! im going to put the pictures up and put the're names under it, K?!

allchar. vegeta.jpeg


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