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To join, Email the following questions to me

#1. The charater you would like to be
#2. From which cartoon (DragonBall Z,Gundam Wing, Salior M.
#3. (For now) the leader or not
#4. Moves you start out with 4, if you want to join the gundam wing one , what gundam or mobil suit.
#5. Special Ability, anything you wnat besides killing someone in one hit, and turning unbeatable (this your yours and yours only no one else can copy it or learn it)
#6. Your real name no need for last name...and if you have aol your screen name
#7. Your email if there is another or for msn
#8. would you like to buy anything if i gave you an oppoinon to do so..(im voting for this to see if i should put up items)
well i hope ya join... thank you!

To Join..