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About Salior Moon!

Salior Neptune

^Neptune looking in her mirror!

Slior Uraus

^ Shes gonna hurt herself sword! NOT LIKE I CARE (Salior Uaraus)

Salior Pluto

^Salior Pluto (I think these pictures have a winking problem)

I don't want to go threw every little detail so I'm going to tell you about the charaters. The main Charaters are Salior Moon (DUH), and all the salior scouts. Ok ok i don't really watch salior moon that much so im going to give you a whole bunch of pictures and tell ya what there about , K?! good

Salior Saturn

^ this is Salior Saturn my favorite Salior Scout!

salior moon!

^ guess who this is SALIOR MOON!!

Salior Merc

^Salior Mercuy (what i can't spell)

Salior Mars

^The fire werido Salior Mars!

Salior Jupiter

^This is Sailor Jupiter!

Salior Venus

^The movie star Salior Venus!

Reine, Chibi Moon

^ Chibi Moon (Chibi means child in Japanness)