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Hiya! This is my Anime website info about my four favorite cartoons is here. Dbz is one of them , Salior Moon and Gundam Wing,and also Tenchi Muyo! I think there all pretty cool at least the uncut ones. I'll have pictures and lots more stuff about all of them! i hope you like it Z-ya l8r!

allchar. vegeta.jpeg

^ Dragon Ball Z!!!

allchar. vegeta.jpeg

^ Gundam Wing!!


Note: I'll have lots and lots of pic's of these Charater's from shows i'll give my my word for that!

allchar. vegeta.jpeg

^ Salior Moon!!

allchar. vegeta.jpeg

^Tenchi Muyo!!!

Email me tell me if you like this page! Please i want to know if something is wrong with this page so i can make it better! Thankie

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